Management of Asbestos

We ensure that Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractors are appraised post- quotation stage to warrant a positive and forward view of the project from initial concept.

Similarly, we guarantee the contractors themselves demonstrate all aspects of technical and commercial competency comprising of: adequate policies and procedures to manage and monitor works; quality awareness and control; training arrangements; compliance with regulations and status of HSE enforcements; adequate insurance cover and past Client satisfaction.

asbestos operations management

In addition, we safe guard all aspects of a company’s competency and check their ability and willingness to monitor and record standards of work and instigate improvements where necessary. Also their systems to communicate revisions, responses and instructions to employees.


A Client will receive a minimum of 3 quotations for the project requirements based on their submission against the specification, having measured both individually and in combination, the work scope, price, programme and methodology. Furthermore, we certify all aspects of the project requirements are accounted for: technical, financial and commercial.

Contractor Appraisals

An analysis is then undertaken to compare the Contractor’s quotation submission with the requirements of the Specification to ensure all aspects are included.

Prior to the pre- award meeting Clients are supplied with copies from all documentation. The pre- award meeting itself gives all those involved the opportunity to clarify any outstanding aspects.

A thorough and detailed evaluation permits a review of all areas:

  • manpower training and ability
  • supervision and management experience
  • insurance cover
  • capability, commitment
  • project documentation
  • workload
  • project/Client references
  • integrity evaluation
  • current and past ability to comply with HSE requirements
  • standard documentation review
  • safety policy review, status of license
  • emergency procedures
  • knowledge of the use and the availability of equipment for ‘wet-strip’ techniques
  • waste disposal arrangements
  • consideration of proximity and accommodation of third parties requirements and exclusion zone requirements
  • identification and resolving of project specific problems
  • full understanding of the work scope
  • consideration in working methods to minimise disruption and inconvenience.
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