Certification and records

Analytical operations and certification

UKAS accredited laboratories independently carry out all daily analytical and fibre monitoring operations in accordance with HSG248.

All laboratories are assessed in the same manner as removal Contractors.

Final clearance inspections are carried out independently by an analytical organisation, followed by a full clearance inspection by hoggarth associates limited.

Analytical works cover all stages of work and include testing at datum, background, leak, personal, clearance and post project re-assurance, and the independent approach of engagement ensures total integrity.

Project completion dossier records

Compilation of a Project specific completion dossier to record works undertaken and data collected during the works, including stage reports and photographic records, and a Project Summary, with the Property register, updated to record the status of works undertaken.

asbestos completion report image

Acompletion dossier will contain copies from all aspects of the Project documents both technical and commercial and will mirror the on-site events and results.

The Client receives a full record of all aspects of the project electronically.