Consultancy Services

hoggarth associates consultancy services are split into three stages:

  • Preparation
  • Operation
  • Completion

All services are carried out in accordance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, and Surveying to HSG264 (HSE) to meet Client legal obligations.

A summary of the stages is provided below. Please click on the links in each section to read more detail about each stage.


We conduct Asbestos surveys to understand and document for you the Asbestos material situation. Surveys are fully detailed to enable asbestos management to be undertaken in a systematic manner. Written in plain English and tailored to Client requirements, surveys are supported by a fully detailed photographic record.

Surveys are designed to be available on site and understood by building trades, ensuring that during any site works all Contractors are advised and understand the asbestos material situation on site.

Surveys are followed up with Project Specifications which outline an effective way forward for the Client.

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We can oversee the project management of safe, effective and regulatory compliant asbestos removal.

We use our market insight to obtain quotations from Asbestos removal contractors and conduct a thorough review of their provenance, capability and approach to the Asbestos situation. We will make a recommendation to the customer based on a comprehensive analysis of the contractor. Client safety is always paramount.

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Final clearance inspections are carried out independently by an analytical organisation, followed by a full clearance inspection by hoggarth associates limited.

The dossier will contain copies from all aspects of the Project documents both technical and commercial and will mirror the on-site events and results. The Client receives a full record of all aspects of the project.

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